Cell Freezing and Storage That Keep Your Cells Safe

Bio X Cell offers storage you can trust. With over 25 years experience culturing hybridomas, we have become experts in cell freezing and cell storage. We have the facilities and optimized processes to create master and working cell banks to ensure your cells are safe and readily available for scale-up.

Cell Banking Services

Exquisitely specific monoclonal antibodies produced by hybridoma cell lines are essential research tools that enable scientists to unlock their next scientific discovery. If lost or compromised, these hybridomas are impossible to replace. Therefore, it is vitally important that they are appropriately frozen down and banked for long-term storage.

Hybridoma cells in continuous culture are susceptible to microbial contamination as well as genetic drift, gene loss and gene mutations, which can result in changes to the binding specificity and antibody affinity over time. These problems are greatly reduced by using cryogenic preservation to stop biological time for cell cultures. You can reduce risk even further by banking cells at multiple facilities.

Bio X Cell offers cell freezing and cell storage options that help you preserve the specificity and performance of the antibodies you are producing as well as the assurance you have access to the exact hybridoma cells you need to keep your lab productive.

Key Features

Optimized Freezing Process - Bio X Cell has developed a robust cell-freezing process, cryopreserving 8x106 cells in 1.5ml freezing medium per sterile cryogenic storage vial. We freeze a minimum of 5 vials at a time to ensure you always have an adequate stock of your priceless hybridoma line. Cells are stored in the vapor phase above the liquid nitrogen.

Hassle-Free Antibody Resupply - When you need a re-supply of your custom antibody, we will have the cells stored here. With Bio X Cell, you will experience fast service and can eliminate multiple dry ice shipments that could negatively impact the viability of your cells.

Fair Pricing - Bio X Cell’s storage fees are charged by the cell line and include discounts for longer storage timelines. Our annual storage fees are less expensive than dry ice cell shipping fees.

Storage Facilities You Can Trust - We store over 400 catalog hybridoma cell lines, so we understand the importance of properly storing cryopreserved cells. Bio X Cell offers an ultra-secure storage facility that includes robust backup generators. Every Dewar is equipped with temperature alarms to immediately alert our operations team of any problems.

Consistent Hybridoma Stockpiles - To reproduce your research results, we understand you need a common starting source for each antibody lot produced. With our optimized freezing and storage processes, you can rest easy that your stockpiles are consistent and cells are frozen in time. Your irreplaceable cell lines are safe in our facilities.

Flexible Storage Time - You can choose to store cells for up to 5 years, eliminating the need for annual purchase orders. We make storing your cells simple, so you can focus on more important things.

Interested in Custom Antibody Production?

Other Services

Antibody Production Services

Do you have your own hybridoma cells that you need antibody produced and purified from? We know that growing hybridoma cells and purifying antibodies in large quantities with low endotoxin levels can be technically challenging and time-consuming. Bio X Cell’s optimized fermentation process produces more antibody in less time than traditional methods.