in vivo Recombinant Antibodies

Bio X Cell’s recombinantly manufactured antibodies overcome the limitations of traditionally manufactured antibodies, including genetic drift, gene loss, and gene mutations which can lead to slight changes in binding specificity and antibody affinity over time. This ensures extremely high lot-to-lot consistency and data reproducibility from experiment to experiment.

Our recombinant antibodies are provided as chimeric antibodies with mouse or human IgG constant regions instead of the typical rat or hamster constant regions. This means improved in vivo activity and reduced immunogenicity in mouse and humanized mouse models.

in vivo Recombinant Antibodies Description
RecombiMAb™ Recombinant monoclonal antibodies—validated for binding and screened for murine pathogens and protein aggregation. Effectively reduce immunogenicity in mouse models or humanized mouse models.
RecombiMAb™ Isotype Controls Recombinant isotype control antibodies— offered in multiple species, isotypes, and Fc domain silencing mutations.
InVivoSIM™ High-quality biosimilar antibodies — study the biological effects of a drug without the need to source an expensive pharmaceutical grade therapeutic.
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in vivo Recombinant Antibodies

in vivo Recombinant antibodies features

<1EU/mg Endotoxin

Improved lot to lot consistency

Reduced immunogenicity in animal models

Formulated for in vivo use

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