Safeguard Your Cells With Our Mycoplasma Testing Services

Don’t let mycoplasma jeopardize your valuable cell line. Bio X Cell has the services to reliably detect mycoplasma and restore your cells to a usable state to keep your projects on track.

Mycoplasma Testing Services

Mycoplasma is a word that would make any cell culturist shudder. These tiny and stealthy bacteria can covertly be contaminating your cells and go undetected for long periods of time. Over time, they have developed resistance to some commonly used antibiotics. This is an added challenge that can further compromise the quality of your data.

Mycoplasma are no different from other bacteria in creating havoc by taking over the host’s machinery for their own benefit. Inhibition of proliferation, apoptosis, and cell death are some adverse effects that can jeopardize your precious cell line. An ultra-clean cell line is the key to getting reproducible results before transferring those results in vivo.

Bio X Cell is right there by your side while you navigate the process of obtaining clean cell lines to produce your ideal antibody. Starting your project with uncontaminated cell lines can save you money, time, and resources. Our optimized fermentation process has safeguards in place to protect against cross-contamination, but we can’t protect your cell line if it arrives contaminated. We strongly recommend customers utilize our mycoplasma testing services, and clean-up services (if required), before proceeding with antibody production and cell banking.

Key Features

Selective Biochemical Testing Method - Bio X Cell’s mycoplasma testing method detects mycoplasmal enzymes that are found in greater than 200 mycoplasma species. Our biochemical assay has high sensitivity compared with other testing options.

Results You Can Count On - We include proper controls in every internal test. Every mycoplasma test includes positive and negative controls run alongside the test sample. When paired with our test’s sensitivity, you can trust that our results are reliable.

Antibiotic-Free Media - Prior to running mycoplasma testing, cells are cultured in antibiotic-free media. Removing antibiotics allows us to detect the most subtle contaminants and populations that are antibiotic-resistant.

Clean Up Services - If your cell line tests positive for mycoplasma, you can choose to restore them to their usable state. Bio X Cell has methods to reduce or remove the contamination allowing us to proceed with the service package that was originally requested.

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Other Services

Cell Freezing and Storage

Once your cells have tested mycoplasma free, freeze down vials for future use. Bio X Cell has the facilities and expertise to create and store cell banks ensuring your cells are safe and readily available for scale-up.